Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Helene Chadwick with Lip Make-up called the V-Lip

Helene Chadwick (1897-1940) leading lady in the silents era, demonstrating the latest wrinkle in lip make-up, the "V-Lip!"
Photograph by International Newsreel, c. 1925

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Helene Chadwick (November 25, 1897–September 4, 1940) was an American actress in silent motion pictures and in early sound films.

Chadwick was born in the small town of Chadwicks, New York, which was named for her grandfather. Her mother was a singer who performed on the stage and her father was a business man.

At the pinnacle of her acting career, she earned a salary estimated to have been $2,000 per week. From 1929 until 1935, she found success as a character actress when sound was being introduced to films.

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