Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweden Maximum Card - Elvis Presley

Rock 54-04
Frimarket Elvis Presley gavs ut den 2 oktober 2004.
The Stamp Elvis Presley was issued 2 October 2004.
Die Briefmarke Elvis Presley erschien am 2. Oktober 2004.
Foto/Photo: Elvis image: Alfred Wertheimer
Frimarksforlaga/Original/Vorlage: Gustav Malmfors

Maximikort - Maximum card - Maximumkarte NR 255

not on postcard, but some information:

What I found was that Elvis had several top 20 songs in Sweden.  There is also a record: Elvis - Swedish Hit Collection -
Product Description
Swedish compilation featuring 60 of 'The King's' biggest hits, all of which reached the Top 20 in Sweden. Includes exclusive 16 page booklet (in Swedish) with chart dates, pictures and liner notes. Includes the rare 'Laughing Version' of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight'. Limited edition will be available for one year from release date. 2000 release. Slimline double jewel case.

This record will set you back quite a few dollars if you try to buy it now.  I found it in two places, and both were over $200.00 each!

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