Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dead Before Dawn 3D Autographed by Ellen Dubin

Dead Before Dawn 3D
Autographed by Ellen Dubin!

She was at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida 2013.

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Movie Plot:
Casper Galloway’s future is one giant question mark. With only two weeks until college graduation, he still lives with his mother (played by Ellen Dubin), is indecisive to a fault, and is one credit away from failing. But just when Casper thinks things couldn’t get any worse, he and his friends accidentally unleash a curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka Zemons.
Armed with a slew of homemade weapons and a Winnebago, the team races through the night, killing Zemons and fighting time, frantically searching for a way to reverse the curse. But as the Zemon army starts to overpower the team, Casper finds himself with no choice but to face his fears and become the unlikeliest of heroes. Will Casper be able to reverse the curse and save the world, or will he and all his friends be “Dead Before Dawn?”

Devon Bostick – Casper Galloway
Christopher Lloyd – Horus Galloway
Martha MacIsaac – Charlotte Baker
Brandon Jay McLaren – Dazzle Darlington
Brittany Allen – Lucy Winthrop
April Mullen – Becky Fords
Tim Doiron – Seth Munday
Kevin McDonald – Professor Reginald Duffy
Ellen Dubin – Beverly Galloway
Kyle Schmid – Patrick Bishop
Rossif Sutherland – Burt Rumsfeld
Dru Viergever – Zemon Josh
Benjamin Ayres – Griffith Galloway
Jacob Ewaniuk – Young Casper
Max Topplin – Hillbilly Dave

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Ellen Dubin is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her part in the television mini-series Lexx, playing the role of Giggerota.
Here are a few of the projects she has done:
Starred in the TV series The Collector as Jeri Slate
Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
the TV movie The Wives He Forgot with Molly Ringwald and Mark Humphrey
Napoleon Dynamite

Also, she is the spokesperson for the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Toronto and Central Ontario. (I love that!)

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