Thursday, May 30, 2013



New Earth, New Rules
Mondays at 9 premiering April 15th on SyFY

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Defiance is an American science fiction television series. There is a video game of the same name which will be tied into the series.

Defiance stars Grant Bowler as Joshua Nolan, the local lawman in a border town known as Defiance, as well as Julie Benz, who plays the newly appointed mayor of Defiance, Amanda Rosewater.

In a near future where Earth is almost alien, a human drifter and his adopted Irathient daughter put down roots in Defiance, a community where humans and Votans coexist in the ruins of St. Louis.

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Join the Fight.
Join thousands of players in massive co-op Battles as invaluable alien technology rains to earth.   Brave dynamic events, wield wild votan weaponry, and reap the rewards of the new frontier!

This was a free postcard you got when you bought the video game.

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