Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dallas - the Original Television Series

Photo courtesy Robert H Cain

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Dallas is an American prime time soap opera that aired on CBS from April 2, 1978 to May 3, 1991.  The show revolves around the Ewings, a wealthy Texas family in the oil and cattle-ranching industries. Throughout the series, Larry Hagman stars as greedy, scheming oil baron J. R. Ewing. The show also starred veteran actress Barbara Bel Geddes as Ewing matriarch Miss Ellie, and veteran actor Jim Davis in his last role as family patriarch Jock Ewing before his death in 1981.

The show debuted in April 1978 as a five-part miniseries on the CBS network, and then was broadcast for thirteen seasons from 1978 through 1991. Dallas was included in Time magazine's 2007 list of "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME."  It was also famous for its cliffhangers, including the "Who shot J.R.?" mystery, and the "Dream Season", in which everything that transpired during season eight was later revealed to have been all a dream.

Patrick Duffy
Larry Hagman
Barbara Bel Geddes
Victoria Principal
Linda Gray
Jim Davis
Charlene Tilton

From what I can find on the web, they are getting ready to make another series about Dallas on TNT - They story continues.  It is in production now.

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