Monday, March 10, 2014

SpongeBob from the United States Postal Service

Two people mailed me this one, and someone else mailed me one of the card below. 
- - -
Mailpants (Squarepants)
United States Postal Service

Although they are not listed on the postcard, the characters shown are:
Eugene H. Krabs (Clancy Brown), is a red crab
Squidward Tentacles (Rodger Bumpass) is a light blue octopus
SpongeBob SquarePants (Tom Kenny) is a yellow sea sponge
Gary the Snail (Tom Kenny/Dee Bradley Baker when he actually speaks) is SpongeBob's pet sea snail.
Patrick Star (Bill Fagerbakke) is a pink starfish
Sandy Cheeks (Carolyn Lawrence) is a squirrel from Texas

These postcards have a SpongeBob pre-paid stamp on the back and they were given out for free at a few of the post offices. 

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